They say knowing is half the battle. In online reputation management, it is.


Reputation used to be easily managed with news stories, television and radio interviews, and the occasional billboard. If there was talk about you around town, it got back to you quickly and you usually knew how it started and how to end it. Today, with billions of people speaking their minds online, it’s harder than ever to know the buzz about your business or organization.

If you don’t know what’s being said about you, you can’t respond to it, manage it, or ignore it with purpose. With the right tools in place, and a strategy to support, your business can know what’s out there and how to handle it, so your next potential reputation disaster becomes a brand success, or simply fizzles into the background.

Millennium works closely with our clients to understand their online brand goals, and how to achieve them.


Our online reputation management approach begins with a complete audit of your brand presence, from website to advertising, directory listings, and mentions on partner/community pages. From there, we help you generate and distribute consistent content that sets the stage for your brand message. Lastly, we help you address customer feedback, good or bad, from consumer reviews to social media and search results. Ongoing monitoring ties it all together, making it easy for you to manage your brand, inside and out.

Crisis management is also an important part of Millennium’s reputation management services. Having a strategic plan for if-and-when your business becomes involved in a negative PR story is crucial to handling unexpected challenges. PR issues can be large or small – from a negative review on Yelp to an inaccurate news story that frames your business in a negative and damaging way, your reputation needs a security plan that is ready when you need it. Millennium can help you create and practice for these undesirable events, turning negatives into positives and preserving your most important asset – your reputation.