Recipe for a Successful Website

There is no question about it: if you do not have a powerful, engaging website available to your audience, you have most likely lost them. Download our ebook Recipe for a Successful Website to learn about the most important ingredients to include in your company’s website.

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Show and Tell: Connecting with Video

According to HubSpot, video accounts for 50% of all online content, and is expected to capture 79% of all online traffic by 2018 based on stats compiled by WebDAM. This means that if you don’t have visually engaging, animated content online, your message is being missed.

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Be Social on Social Media

We live in a highly social world, and companies that are not engaging are not being heard. For social media marketing to be successful, you have to listen to your target audiences, be friendly and know what they desire. From creating an experience to working with your audience, you can improve social content easily and efficiently

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The Digital Dance: Partnering Data and Creative

Do you know what strawberry Pop-Tarts, hurricanes in Florida, and Wal-Mart all have in common? According to a QualityDigest article published in 2004, the breakfast pastry was the most purchased item at Wal-Mart by those preparing for the massive storms that rolled through Florida. Find out how you can combine unique messaging and statistics about your audience to create a successful, tailored campaign like Wal-Mart’s.

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Digital Marketing Driving Campus Recruitment

Connecting with prospective students and their parents requires higher education recruiters to develop a personalized experience for the mobile environment that lets them be a part of campus life, not simply read about it. Let us help your institution restructure and better integrate digital into your recruitment marketing plans.

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Digital Marketing: Engagement, Delivery, and Analytics

It’s no surprise that digital marketing is a must these days. The average American adult is projected to spend close to 6 hours a day interacting online and via mobile devices, surpassing time spent with traditional print, radio, and television viewing, says a report from eMarketer. But, while this digital audience continues to expand, so does the volume of advertising distractions.

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What You Need in a Responsive Website to Get New Business

Your website is often the first interaction a prospect will have with your business. It forms the foundation for your brand’s perceived value. Presentation and functionality can heavily influence the way information is perceived. A compelling brand story—the lead generating story—is driven by a responsive website design that is as personalized as your content marketing strategy.

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3 Golden Rules for an Engaging User Experience

The idea of user experience (UX) isn’t new – but until now, most businesses got by with good customer service and fair pricing. Not anymore. Consumers today want – even demand – that their purchasing experience is customized, deliberate, and intuitive to their needs.

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